Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Springtime is around the corner and so are more Project Interfaith programs — Hope you'll join us!

We've been hard at work putting together the innovative programs and trainings that you have come to expect from Project Interfaith. So, without further adieu, here is a listing of our upcoming spring programs. We hope you'll join us!

Religious Diversity In Health Care Workshop Sponsored by the Midlands Eldercare Network*
Presented by Project Interfaith
March 3, 2009
3:30-5:15 pm
Swanson Public Library- Lower Level Community Room (90th and Dodge)
Registration is required: (402) 707-4528
This workshop provides participants with an overview of how religious diversity impacts caregiving and the caregiving setting. Participants will be connected with strategies and resources that can help them better serve religiously-diverse populations. CEUs are avilable through the Midlands Eldercare Network.

Faith and the Environment: A Community Conference featuring Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Native American Perspectives on Approaching Environmental Issues*

Sunday, March 29, 2009
1:00-5:00 pm
Harper Center Ballroom at Creighton University (20th and Webster)
Co-sponsored by the Kripke Center for the Study of Religion and Society at Creighton University
Register by contacting the Kripke Center at (402)280-2303 or email
Join us as we explore how different religions and belief systems view the environment and our role in it especially when it comes to caring for it. Hear from four provocative scholars who are active in environmental issues speak on how their beliefs have shaped their attitudes and actions towards environmental issues and put your beliefs into action by getting connected with local environmental initiatives at our information fair. Participants also will have opportunities throughout the conference to dialogue with each other about these issues.

Interfaith Architecture Tour
Topic: Nature's Influence on Zen Buddhist and Benedictine Art and Architecture
April 2009
Co-sponsored by the American Institute of Architects Omaha Chapter
Details forthcoming

Religious Diversity Issues in Professional Care Giving: A Training for Professional Care Givers, Medical Personnel, and Social Service Providers in Facilities and In-Home Care*
Wednesday, May 6, 2009
8:00 am-4:00 pm
Visiting Nurse Association
12565 West Center Road
Co-sponsored by the Respite Resource Center, Creighton University Health Sciences Library, and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM)
Cost: $40 per participant thanks to generous underwriting by the NNLM
Full scholarships available for CNAs, home health aides, and students in the care giving fields
Registration is required, 5 CEUs available
Register by calling Project Interfaith at (402) 933-4647 or email
This day-long training will provide participants with the information and resources to better care for and serve religiously-diverse populations.

How to Win a Cosmic War: Confronting Radical Islam- A Community Conversation with Bestselling Author and CBS News Mideast Analyst Reza Aslan*
May 7, 2009
7:00 pm
Countryside Community Church (8787 Pacific Street)
Co-sponsored by the Center for Faith Studies at Countryside Community Church
Internationally acclaimed writer and scholar Reza Aslan returns to Omaha to discuss his newest book How to Win a Cosmic War: Confronting Radical Islam (available in April 2009), an in-depth study of the ideology fueling al-Qa‘ida, the Taliban, and like-minded militants throughout the Muslim world, and an exploration of religious violence in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Surveying the global scene from Israel to Iraq and from New York to the Netherlands, Aslan argues that religion is a stronger force today than it has been in a century. At a time when religion and politics are increasingly sharing the same vocabulary and functioning in the same sphere, Aslan asserts that we must strip the conflicts of our world–in particular, the War on Terror–of their religious connotations and address the earthly grievances that always lie behind the cosmic impulse. Join us for this engaging evening with Reza Aslan.

"What's G-d Got to Do with It?: Religious Diversity Issues in Care Giving and Social Services"A Workshop for Social Workers Sponsored by the Nebraska Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers*
Presented by Project Interfaith
May 14, 2009
2:30- 5:00 pm
Lincoln/Lancaster County Extension Office (444 Cherrycreek Road, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68528)
2.5 CEUs available
Registration is required:
The population of the United States continues to diversify religiously and religion is central to how many individuals understand themselves, the world, and concepts of healing, dying, and health. Issues of religion and religious diversty are often inadequately addressed or are ignored in the broa cultural competency training that many professional care givers and social service providers receive. This session will give participants an opportunity to examine thier own identities and attitudes as they relate to religion/spirituality and will touch on the knowledge and skills with which professional care givers and social service providers need to be equipped to effectively care for and serve religiously-diverse populations.

Graduate Course for Educators and School Administrators offered through the University of Nebraska at Omaha's College of Education*
TED 8000/Religion 8900: Religious Diversity in the Schools
June 8- July 2, 2009
Co-taught by Project Interfaith Executive Director Beth Katz and Religious Studies Professor and Project Interfaith Advisory Council member Dr. Paul Williams
UNO College of Education- 3 credits available
Register through UNO:
This course focuses on the various legal, sociological, pedagogical, dialogical, and interpersonal issues related to religious diversity in the public schools. It will provide practical guidance in working with religiously-diverse student populations. An overview of demographics, credible resources, and best practices for teaching about religion in a public school context will be included. Opportunities will be provided for students to interact and engage with members from various local religious communities and to learn about the basic beliefs and practices of major world religions.

Educator Training on Religious Diversity Issues in the Public Schools

June 2009
Details forthcoming

Please note: programs with an asterisk (*) next to them require registration. To register, email us at or call our office at (402) 933-4647.

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These university events sound great! i work at Interfaith Youth Core, and it would be great to have these events and all the great work you do with Project Interfaith to be shared on our Social Networking site for the Interfaith Youth Movement! please do check it out!