Monday, August 31, 2009

Help us bring our A game: Let us know what programs and resources you are looking for and we'll try our best to deliver...

By now you hopefully have begun to see that we have 4 basic tracks that of programs that we at Project Interfaith offer on a continual basis to the community:
  1. Arts programs- We love to use the arts to explore and educate about religious diversity and always enjoy the enthusiasm with which community members greet these programs. We've held interfaith storytelling festivals, interfaith architecture tours, and an interfaith photography and art exhibit. Just wait til you see what we have cooking for this year- we'll post on that very soon...
  2. Community Conversations Annual Speaker Series- We bring in nationally-renowned speakers to engage the community in thoughtful conversation about a variety of issues connected to faith, religion, identity, interfaith relations, and religious diversity (click here to see info about our next speak, Dr. Martin Marty and look for information soon about our February 23 speaker Dr. John Esposito). Past speakers have included bestselling author and scholar Reza Aslan, National Public Radio Speaking of Faith host Krista Tippett, New Testament scholar and author Dr. Amy-Jill Levine, and First Amendment Center Senior Scholar Dr. Charles Haynes.
  3. Religious Diversity Trainings, Programs and Resources for Professionals- We've developed and offer on a regular basis trainings, programs and resources that prepare and support professionals to work with and serve people of all faiths and beliefs. We have focused our efforts to date on educators, social workers, health care and social service providers, and professional care givers but fear not, we are in the process of developing additional trainings, programs and resources to assist with professionals in other sectors. Let us know if we can be of help to you and your colleagues in your efforts to be inclusive of religious diversity and responsive to the needs of people of all faiths and beliefs.
  4. Topical Community Programs- We keep an ear to the ground and an eye to the community so that we can create programs that are meeting the needs and interests of community members. Programs that we have created in response to the needs and interests we are seeing in our community include our Faith and the Environment Community Conference, our interfaith study circles, and our Interfaith Holistic Health Fair. Coming up this year: our first Christian-Hindu Study Circle and our Interfaith Youth Service Project. Details to come shortly...
So, hopefully you can see that we love to be creative about our programs but we want to make sure we are offering programs that are meeting YOUR needs and interests not just our whims. Why? Because we exist to grow understanding, respect and relationships among you-people of all faiths and beliefs- not just our staff and volunteers (though we have fun developing programs for us as well). So this is where you come in. Please take a moment in the comment section below to tell us any or all of the following:
  • What Project Interfaith programs, if any, have you attended that meant most to you and why?
  • What interfaith and/or religious diversity resources, links, or programs would be most helpful to you and why?
  • What topics or actions connected to interfaith understanding or religious diversity do you find most interesting and why?
  • What's the best way for us to connect with you (blog, Facebook, Twitter, email, or the good ol' fashioned post)?
Thanks for taking a moment to share your thoughts and for being a part of our efforts to build a community where people of all faiths and beliefs are valued and included. And on that note, toodles!

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