Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Religious Diversity Have to Do with Non-Profits? Find Out at Our October 27 Training for Non-Profit Leaders and Serve Nebraska Service Members

We're partnering with Serve Nebraska, the Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission, to hold a full-day training titled "Religious Diversity and Public Service: Training and Professional Development for National Service Members and Non-Profit Leaders" on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at the TAC Building (3215 Cuming Street in Omaha).

Why should those in the non-profit sector and Americorps and Amerivista service members care about religious diversity? Simple: Because the population of Nebraska continues to diversify religiously and a religion or belief system is central to how many individuals understand themselves, their community and the world. Issues of religion and religious diversity often are inadequately addressed or ignored in the broad cultural competency training many professionals receive and we want to change that.

This session will give participants an opportunity to examine their own attitudes and identities as they relate to religion/spirituality and will touch on the knowledge and skills with which professionals need to be equipped to effectively work with and serve religiously-diverse populations. Sound good? Then don't wait- get registered here:

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