Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The First Law of Polarity: Polarity’s Operating Principle

by Communications Committee member, Rob Killmer.

Ever noticed how everything in Life is cyclical (circular)? Planetary orbits, galaxies spinning, the earth on its axis, the universe itself (macrocosm) mirroring each individual atom (microcosm). The ebb and flow of inexorable ocean tides, the seasons... birth, life, death, renewal.

Everything in life is circular. Yet the mass of humanity views life as linear. We see everything as existing on a linear continuum stretching infinitely in opposing directions, and we place one another at some point on that continuum and judge everything based on this perception (illusion). 

From this linear perception we fashion additional illusions about everything and everyone we encounter relative to our position on this line. We see enemies, obstacles, threats and more based on where we determine they reside IN OPPOSITION to our "point" of view on the line. 

The principle of polarity teaches us to shift this limited linear perspective through understanding some basic (and universal) dynamics: 

Law One: Polarity’s Operating Principle 

• Everything exists on a continuum which can be measured relative to the concept of extremes (poles) on that continuum. (An example would be a thermometer registering the “continuum” of Temperature.) 

• Polar “opposites” always SHARE the SAME continuum. (Using the thermometer analogy, temperature is measured relative to the extremes (opposites, poles) of “HOT” and “COLD”.) But where precisely does hot shift to cold? There is not a precise fixed divider between these two apparent opposing states, they simply “blend” into one another along the continuum. These “poles” don’t actually exist as opposing forces, they are simply the most extreme conceptions of the SAME force. 

• All continuums are (just as everything in Creation is) circular. Ever notice how when something is “WHITE HOT” it’s actually too identical to “ICE COLD” to measure? Both “extremes” of temperature actually blend at a point on their SHARED continuum that burns. 

Are you grasping the importance of these proven operating principles of physics and seeing their overall relationship to the metaphysic? 

Basically it comes down to this:  My “enemy” is my brother. My “opposite” is actually my twin!  

If my perspective is linear, all I see is someone far removed from my state of being, an opposing force, that can never share common ground with me. We are condemned to a literally endless “line” of living (and dying) in opposition to one another. 

If my perspective is circular, then that which APPEARS to be positioned at the most extreme opposite pole is actually right next to me!  All I need do is turn around and my “opposite” actually “has my back”. (Perhaps serving as my most perfect foil, confronting me with myself in ways nothing else can, compelling me to turn inward and actually seek out the “Kingdom of Heaven” within.) 

It’s our perspective that shapes everything about our relationship to Life and The Living. If I stand at my point on the continuum and look ACROSS it, I am preoccupied with lobbing grenades across the “divide” trying to eliminate my enemy. Once I “turn” to him, I see my twin with new eyes, as the brother he is, and I can embrace the mirrors we are to one another! 

Now apply this to say: Islam and Judaism.  

Ishmael & Isaac? Or Iran & Israel! Free will choice. Brothers, at war with one another for centuries, because they view one another ACROSS the continuum rather than CONNECTING (and connected by) it. 

We live in an age where Judaism (and her beautiful offspring, Christianity) remain locked with Islam in a Crusade initiated centuries ago by limited, linear beings. This generation could redefine how we view one another. We are responsible to help BUILD “The Millennium” hand in hand with our brothers, rather than perpetuating the illusion of opposition.  

How will we choose to view one another going forward? Perhaps even more importantly, how will we choose to view everyone we encounter personally today. 

Next: The Second Law of Polarity: Polarity’s Power.  

Rob’s professional career spans nearly four decades of successful entrepreneurship and professional service which has permitted him to accumulate a broad array of experience and skills in a variety of roles. His driving passion and focus in every role has remained one of assisting others in clarifying & realizing their dreams.

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