Monday, June 24, 2013

Learning on the Job: My PI Internship

by Organizational Architecture Intern, Meadow Pirigyi
Project Interfaith is my first internship experience and I couldn’t be more happy or excited.  I have volunteered here many times before, but now I am here gaining office management and organizational skills.  I am not only strengthening my professional goals, but also personal goals as well. At the same time as I am improving upon myself, I am also helping Project Interfaith re-organize and work more efficiently between computers. 

I have watched my sister, Sierra, grow more in the past 2-3 years while working at P.I. than I have seen my entire life.  When she asked me if I was interested in possibly becoming an intern, I couldn’t turn it down. I am now the Organizational Architecture Intern and can also feel myself growing each and every day.  But like I said before, it’s not all professional goals and I am obtaining, it’s also personal as well. 

Religion is something I’ve always been interested in, but have never gained enough knowledge.  Growing up, I was never very religious, neither were my parents. I went to a church group with friends as a child, but what I remember most was playing games and running around with friends. These were Christian-based groups, but yet I know barely anything of the Christian religion. While interning at Project Interfaith I want to gain knowledge and interest in more religions.  As I learn more, I’d like to eventually start a spiritual journey or path and find my own place in religion.  Even if I end up choosing a non-religious path, I will have the knowledge and experience of most religions in the United States.  Having this knowledge is not only beneficial to me, but I could also spread the beliefs and ways of other religions to help people accept and respect other faiths to help spread more peace and creating lasting relationships.

The values and relationships I have already learned here at Project Interfaith are invaluable. The programs and events they do for the community is something that I am so happy to be a part of.  One of my favorite offering of Project Interfaith is our “Educator Trunks on the World’s Religions”.  These trunks can be rented by schools to help educate students on the beliefs of other religions.  I believe this is crucial at a younger age to help deviate away from stereotypes and to help create acceptance in the upcoming generation.  Educating people on religion is the first major step in creating peace and understanding in today’s society. 

My education and experience will continue to grow over the next month while I am here.  I wish I could stay longer and keep on learning and helping spread Project Interfaith’s message, but I can continue to do so through volunteering at offerings and events they may hold.  I encourage all and any who are looking for some volunteering here and there to check it out and help Project Interfaith build strong communities and relationships among all people of all religions.

Meadow Pirigyi is the Organizational Architecture Intern for Project Interfaith.  She is currently  a Senior working towards her Bachelors of Architecture at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  She plans on pursuing her architecture degree by either attending Graduate School in Lincoln or continuing her education through Commission Officer Training in the Air Force to start a career as a Health Facilities Architect. This way she could travel and design hospitals all around the world helping people of all backgrounds and religions.  Along with attending school, she also works at Runza Restaurants and is also a Mixologist at Side Door Lounge.

During her internship, she hopes to learn more about Project Interfaith’s values and goals while also learning more about Office Management and Organization in non-profits to help prepare her for many possibilities in the work place.  Meadow has always been very interested and drawn to helping others in any way, shape or form.  Project Interfaith is one way she is able to practice this and continue working on her own path and goals.

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