Thursday, February 5, 2015

Letter To Everyone

Dear Friend of Project Interfaith,

We hope this letter finds you well.  Here at Project Interfaith, we are facing a time of transition. In late January, Project Interfaith’s Board of Directors and staff made the difficult decision to dissolve Project Interfaith as a non-profit organization. They did not come to this decision lightly. Over the past few years there has been a steady decline in interfaith funding provided by granting entities. Project Interfaith has not been immune to this decline. The Board of Directors and staff felt that now was the appropriate time to conclude Project Interfaith’s work and still be able to honor our commitments to the employees and partners whose hard work and dedication has helped to make our work possible.

We cannot express enough our gratitude to you for your steadfast support of our efforts. None of our work over the past nine years would have been possible without you. Because of you we were able to provide more than 100 interfaith programs to more than 28,000 community members. Because of you we were able to provide free, online resources to help community members replace religious ignorance and discrimination with interfaith education and respect. Because of you we were able to grow the critical thinking and conversation skills of our community members; enabling them to pick apart religious misconceptions and stereotypes instead of simply taking them at face value.

At this time we are hopeful that Project Interfaith’s educational resources and products will continue on. We are currently communicating with other non-profit entities whom we feel will be interested in adopting pieces of Project Interfaith’s work. It is our desire to find a home for, our RavelUnravel Curriculum, our RavelUnravel Resources, and our Conversation Kits so that community members can continue to make use of these important resources.

We wish to thank you again for everything you have done over the last nine years to make Project Interfaith available to your community. We hope you will join us in celebrating all that we were able to achieve together in growing understanding, respect, and relationships among people of all faiths, beliefs, and cultures.

In Deepest Gratitude,                    
Thomas R. Laird                                  Sean V. Rose
Interim Co-Executive Director                Interim Co-Executive Director
Director of Development                       Director of Training and Outreach

     and Communications

John Levy              John Vyhlidal                Omer Sagheer        Tina Cherica
Board President     Board Vice President     Board Treasurer     Board Secretary


Thank you so much for your dedicated partnership & support throughout these past nine years,

The Project Interfaith Team

Project Interfaith grows understanding, respect and relationships among people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures. We offer innovative, community-building programs that educate and engage audiences on issues of faith, religion, identity and interfaith relations. For more information:



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