Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Second Law of Polarity: Polarity’s Power.

by Communications Committee member, Rob Killmer.

 I would respectfully ask each reader to go back and re-familiarize yourself with our initial post on the First Law of Polarity before continuing (Click here.)

Okay, so we have a basic understanding of how this principle exists and operates in the physical and metaphysical domains. Once we see this cyclical nature in all things, especially in the continuums we all occupy, including their poles, and thus a truer understanding of polar dynamics… our perspective can undergo a major shift.

But here's where the real POWER of this shift in perspective kicks in. As we understand that our perspective governs our attitudes, behavior and the way we construct our relationships, we also realize that WE control the dynamics along the continuum ourselves!

Returning to the thermometer analogy: if the "continuum" of temperature registers uncomfortably "hot" or "cold" in our environment, what do we do? We adjust the thermostat and change the "degree" of that dynamic. That which was giving us discomfort a moment ago becomes an agent of restoring comfort in the conduct of our affairs, rendering us less distracted and more productive.

Now apply this relationally, or along ANY continuum you choose… All that is required is AWARENESS of our current position and its immediate AFFECT on us… then a willingness to take ACTION TO ADJUST.

This is The POWER OF POLARITY. I am totally responsible for how I relate to whatever is affecting me. I am also totally empowered to adjust my relationship to it. I can operate the same way along ANY continuum: emotional, political, financial, you name it.

Just as I can "shift" to a more comfortable degree of temperature, I can use my Free Will to "shift" to a more comfortable and productive position about ANY relationship to anyone or anything. And that adjustment can be to whatever degree I CHOOSE.

Say I'm feeling animosity towards Muslims (a common position of discomfort for many these days.) I can choose to practice awareness of my current attitude (Animosity) and consider how far along this continuum I wish to "slide"… a little or to a great "degree".*

The easiest measuring point is always the "opposing" polar dynamic. So the opposite of animosity being fraternity, or whatever you look up in the dictionary,** I now acknowledge my current position of discomfort in my animosity, and can CHOOSE to WILL myself in the direction of fraternity. Try it, it really works!

I use this all the time now, and it's radically altered my ability to create and maintain balance in my affairs. Whenever I notice I'm occupying an uncomfortable position along the "line" of whatever, I can examine its polar opposite, and shift towards it. It can be as simple as making a declaration or affirmation such as, "I acknowledge that I'm experiencing a feeling of Animosity towards my Boss right now, and I choose with My Will to shift in the direction of 1) Acceptance (slight adjustment), 2) Cooperation (moderate adjustment) , 3) Appreciation (major adjustment), Fraternity (I see how alike we really are in so many ways, and I choose to see them and feel about them from this new shift towards the 'opposing' Pole."

The Power of Polarity empowers me to shift my current state to one I CHOOSE, based on my WILLINGNESS to be the source of positive change, first within and, as an extension, in my world. When I practice the real Power of this Principle of Polarity, it can transform my relationships to all events and people.

*Again with the temperature analogy, interesting huh. We could spend a lot of time just discussing the "degrees" of animosity, etc. available along the relationship continuum, but you get the connection, right? Everything in life IS a question of degree, and WE control the thermostat for it all...

**I actually use a dictionary to look up the antonyms of attitudes or states of mind, or even emotions, I wish to shift away from, and then set my Will to the adjustment. It consistently serves me well.

Rob’s professional career spans nearly four decades of successful entrepreneurship and professional service which has permitted him to accumulate a broad array of experience and skills in a variety of roles. His driving passion and focus in every role has remained one of assisting others in clarifying & realizing their dreams.

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