Thursday, October 23, 2014

RavelUnravel: Running a Campaign on Campus and in your Community

Check out our recording of the Google Hangout (10/21) that explored how RavelUnravel is a resource for your campus, college and community. We heard from people who have used RavelUnravel campaigns in their own context to build understanding and relationships between people of different faiths, beliefs, and cultures. Learn more on how you can use to collect and display stories for your group, organization, or cause.
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A  visual response to



Welcome back to the special blog series to showcase the  
Unraveled Traveling Art Exhibit 
Unraveled is a traveling art exhibit based on the themes 
explored in Project Interfaith's is an interactive, multimedia website featuring 
more than 1,000 short video interviews of people discussing their 
religious or spiritual identity, stereotypes that they have encountered, 
and how welcoming they have found their communities to be.

The third artist in the UNRAVELED series is Burned Basket and her piece
called Burned Basket

Burned Basket
Evelyn Render Katz
Mixed media

“Burned Basket” represents Katz’s ongoing attempt to integrate her personal spirituality with a spiritual community. Like Katz’s sculpture, her spiritual identity and practice is full of twists and many strands. Some are fragile looking but strong. Some are barely connected. The shape of the sculpture, like her spiritual identity, seeks to gather in; to contain without confining.

 Unraveled is currently on display at Martin Methodist College 
from October 1st until October 31st. Click here for more information on 
Unraveled Traveling Art Exhibit!

HOST Unraveled at your school or organization.
VISIT to learn more.
JOIN the conversation on social media using: #UNRAVELED.
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Unraveled and  
are programs of Project Interfaith.
Project Interfaith is an educational non-profit organization that grows understanding, 
respect and relationships among people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures. For more information:

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