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Welcome back to the special blog series to showcase the  
Unraveled Traveling Art Exhibit 
Unraveled is a traveling art exhibit based on the themes 
explored in Project Interfaith's is an interactive, multimedia website featuring 
more than 1,000 short video interviews of people discussing their 
religious or spiritual identity, stereotypes that they have encountered, 
and how welcoming they have found their communities to be.

The second artist in our series is Monica Yother and her piece
called At The Heart of It All

At the Heart Of It All
Monica Yother
Mixed media

Yother chose watercolor because she wanted the rough texture of the ground to show through and influence the way the watercolor worked. Yother has added details in colored pencil, raffia and burlap to add a tactile element.  Yother’s faith came at a cost, and is layered and not always neat and tidy, and she chose her medium to convey that.

 Unraveled is currently on display at Martin Methodist College 
from October 1st until October 31st. Click here for more information on 
Unraveled Traveling Art Exhibit!

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Unraveled and  
are programs of Project Interfaith.

Project Interfaith is an educational non-profit organization that grows understanding, respect and relationships among people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures. For more information:

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