Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It is only through your generous contribution that
Project Interfaith is able to combat the growing tension
between people of various spiritual and cultural identities.
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  The world is experiencing increased conflict among people of different faiths and beliefs. Countries having a “high or very high level of social hostility involving religion” has reached a six-year peak. Out of 198 countries studied (accounting for 99.5% of the world’s population), 47% had incidents of hostility or abuse targeting religious minorities (Pew Research, 2012).
The United States
is not immune to such conflict. The third leading motivator for hate crimes committed in the United States is religious bias (FBI, 2012).
The solution
to this problem is education, understanding, and familiarity. “Knowing someone from a religious group is linked with having relatively more positive views of that group,” (Pew Research, 2014).
There is a clear need for a resource that promotes open, respectful learning and conversation about the world’s spiritual and religious identities. A resource that confronts religious marginalization and conflict head on. A resource that addresses religious ignorance, dispels religious stereotypes, and eliminates the fears that can lead to discrimination and violence.
Project Interfaith is that resource.
Project Interfaith offers programs, products, and services that build awareness, knowledge, and skills among the public; enabling community members of diverse religious, spiritual, and cultural identities to more effectively live, work, and engage with one another.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from individuals who have used Project Interfaith’s educational products and resources in their communities . . .
Project Interfaith’s educational programs and products foster critical thinking, conversation skills, and objective learning about religious and cultural diversity. They enhance the inclusive atmosphere in the communities in which they are used. However, we can only continue to offer these tools with your help.

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