Thursday, November 20, 2014

Read up! Founder, Beth Katz, was featured in the November issue of The Interfaith Observer...

Congregation Temple Israel was the first permanent Jewish house of worship
in Nebraska, built in 1884. - Photo: Jewish American Society for Historical Preservation

"Navigating Life as Second-Generation Americans"  

In this recent article, Beth Katz shares the struggles and realities faced by Second-Generation Americans in past and present. She shows the parallels between her parents' stories and and the stories of many other Second-Generation Americans (SGAs) as they assimilate into American society. SGAs experience ignorance and stereotypes based on their religious/ethnic identities. Read about how Millennial generation is confronting different types of discrimination and expressing their identity in new ways. 

"My parents downplayed their identities as Jewish Americans in order to assimilate into the wider culture. Today’s SGAs (as well as their non-SGA peers) choose to assert their multiple identities as Americans and as members of their respective religious/spiritual and ethnic communities" (Katz, 2014).

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Beth Katz is Founder and Executive Director of Project Interfaith.   Beth got bitten by the interfaith bug in college, where she first got involved in interfaith work as the co-founder of a student interfaith group. Her passion for creating a world where people of all faiths,  beliefs, and cultures are valued and included led her to come back to her hometown of Omaha after graduate school to start Project Interfaith... Full story here.

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